Sunday, May 20, 2012


The other night I was out in the yard after dark, feeding pancakes to the chickens (who doesn't like a midnight snack?) when I heard a rustling in the tree and saw a big fat raccoon watching me.
Now, I don't *think* they can get at the chickens anymore, but I sure don't want them getting comfortable in the yard, so I started looking around for something to chuck at him, and I realized that I had the perfect ammunition right at my feet. Avocado pits - our yard is littered with them. The coon beat a retreat and I finished up with the pancakes and went back inside.

Later on I was out in the yard again and heard more rustling in the leaves, so I picked up some more handy pits and began to fire...

...and then I realized that it wasn't the raccoon this time, it was a skunk.
I dropped everything and ran back to the house. Didn't get sprayed, but it was a close one. Next time, no launching of missiles until I can see the whites of their eyes.


  1. Semi-urban? Geeze, I guess! Next week, you'll probably have a coyote knocking on the backdoor and asking for some rice to go with his pollo fahitas.

    Until then, please feel free to pelt the 'coons with avocado pits until your mighty arm grows weary. Those vicious vermin carry any number of pests, parasites and diseases. Make them feel unwelcome!!

    Skunks kill chickens, too. I'll check with my country friends on ways to make skunks go away. In the meantime,get your male friends to pee where the skunk seems to be entering. Mark your territory.

    Maybe The zoo would sell you some lion poop.

  2. OH MY! EEEEK! Good skunk, niiiice skunk, you just go back wherever you came from...

    But nail that dang racoon. We have to be very careful here, those thieves get into everything... I use a slingshot and small pebbles, myself, but that's only because most of the year we don't have much other in the way of ammo. (Rotten apples work pretty well, if they are dry. Wet, soggy ones are hard to throw, and just seem to amuse the darn racoons.


  3. I had raccoons that I caught in a trap and sent away with Animal Control to dispatch any way they saw fit. They ate one hen. Now, I have a snake that is eating eggs!