Friday, July 6, 2012

No Bonfire, please.

It is hard to take sexy pictures of bathrooms, so I'm not sure if these pictures express how awesomely happy I am with this project.
Vanity, now with open base that makes the bathroom feel much bigger.
Floor, all clean and shiny and cute, with zero linoleum.
And of course, awesome vintage wallpaper. The photo can't even capture the 50's glam of this ridiculous green-floral-on-metallic-silver ridiculousness. The ceiling is pure silver, because of course we wouldn't want to go too far. The husband thinks it's hideous, but I say he's touching that wallpaper over my dead body. I also say that he can't have his disco ball back.


  1. Bright, light and totally awesome! You are just a dynamo! I think the disco ball is too cool for school. The floor and the vanity are things of beauty!!

  2. It all looks amazing, especially the floor. I can't believe how well it cleaned up - thanks to an awful lot of elbow grease on your part, I think!

    I am too timid to have a disco ball in my bathroom, but I am very happy such a bathroom exists in this world!

  3. Meh, don't let your husband rain on your parade. The wallpaper is fabulous - I love it! Same for the disco ball, which we have threatened to put up many a time in our own house. You did a nice job. It's nice to see an old house well-loved.