Monday, September 24, 2012


Found wandering all by his lonesome on a Hollywood street corner, this friendly little dwarf rabbit finally made it through quarantine and has been installed in the rabbitat. He celebrated his first night there by squeezing through a gap to visit the girl next door...hopefully she doesn't give birth to a litter of flemish giant/netherland dwarf crosses next month! I hadn't anticipated having any rabbit so small, so I had to close up some gaps and make his home more appropriate. This one is just a pet, so friendly and personable that he has charmed even the rabbit-resistant members of the household. Mochi is named after Japanese folklore, where the moon rabbits are making mochi. Clearly he had to give it a taste test, because his paws and chin are white.


  1. Very sweet - Mochi probably thinks he has found his way to heaven!

  2. What a little doll! Any chance of Mochi becoming a house rabbit?

    Something about the big girls really appeals to the little guys. Those are going to be interesting kits.

  3. He is so small that I'm afraid the cats would snack him if he were in the house!