Monday, October 29, 2012

The Girl Cave

is where I spend most of my days now. I'm chaining myself to the desk until I finish my homework (or at least, that's what I keep telling myself). This fall we're going to Japan for a long trip, and I decided yesterday that I was going to finish the next 5 homework sets before I go in three weeks. That's about as much homework as I've done in the last three months, but there's nothing like a deadline, right? Right?


  1. Love the cave! I especially love all the labelled compartments on your shelves. It makes me think you'll understand how overly excited I got recently when I bought a label making machine. Somehow the world feels safer when everything on the shelves is labelled...

  2. Japan? Ohhh, where? how long? Whatcha gonna do?

  3. We will be in the Tokyo area for three weeks of intensive martial arts study, and I will be leaving all my textbooks at home and not thinking about midwifery the whole time! Very excited for the break.

    And yes Miriam, I must label everything. I can't think straight in a disorganized space.