Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Poinsettia in their natural habitat...

...my front yard.

This bush is taller than me, and the flowers are wilder and tougher looking than they come at the flower shops, where these probably came from some decades ago. Must be all that tender loving care they get around here from me.

I'm still feeling crappy - having this cold over Christmas when I couldn't relax and get well has kicked my butt. We lost one more chicken, but the others seem to be doing a lot better. And no, I still haven't fixed that shower.


  1. I am gobsmacked - poinsettias in the wild?!! And they're beautiful - way nicer, in my eyes, than the clones that come from the florist.

    So sorry you've been under the weather - here's hoping you're feeling better soon!

  2. Do you have time to rest between now and New Year? Was the Christmas festivities worth it? (Of course they were, Roxie. Lyssa grabs each moment and wrings every drop of fun out of it before she lets it pass.)

    Remember, you don't want to doula with a stinking cold, so healing up is a business necessity.