Friday, January 13, 2012


Last year I decided that I was going to learn to make beer, so my lovely supportive husband, who doesn't even drink much of the stuff, bought me a bottle capper for my birthday. It has been sitting around for a few months, but I'm finally getting all the stuff together for my first batch.

Yesterday I was in the vicinity of Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply, so I picked up a new primary fermenter (a glorified food-grade plastic bucket) and all the ingredients to make a batch of Amber Ale. They have a pretty nice system there; they sell "kits", which means one of the employees measures out all your ingredients and puts them in a shopping bag with your recipe. This one will be a partial grain brew, with three kinds of hops! Fancy. I hear chickens really like the spent grain.

I can't start the batch until I have bottles, though. I could buy new ones, but I hear they come free with beer...

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  1. Oh my GOD do chickens love spent grain!! They go at it like it's birthday cake. Congrats on your first home brew. We've been brewing all grain for a while and it really is a lovely thing.