Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It just got to full dark, and there are firecrackers and sirens going off in the neighborhood. Hard to tell if these are related - we're in such a multicultural place that there's always someone celebrating the independence of somebody from something. The intersection of Thai Town and Little Armenia is a strange conjunction.

Today I babysat a 14 month old for ten hours, as an emergency backup sitter. She was one of my doula babies, and it has been such a pleasure to see her grow (and she still throws herself at the world with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm she was born with). I tried to take a picture, but my camera wasn't fast enough for her and then she started chewing on my phone. I managed to keep her from eating more than a reasonable amount of dirt and we made it through the day with only one major cheerio-flinging meltdown.

Back at home, I'm drinking the results of my first homebrew experience. It was meant to turn out like Fat Tire, but it ended up being darker like a Newcastle, but much more complicated. Definitely a beer-drinker's beer, and I'm loving them. I'm already thinking about the next batch, but trying to take some time off, go easier on myself, and get enough sleep for a change! I signed off caffeine for a few days and I'm hoping that will help me get my groove back, or at least make the coffee start working again when I go back to it.

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  1. the intersection of Thai Town and Little Armenia sounds fascinating! The firecrackers could be for a birthday or a wedding or just for the hell of it. And sirens - my mother-in-law lives in a neighborhood where sirens and police helicopters are a bi-weekly occurrence, regardless of the season or holiday.

    Ten hours with a 14 month old? Boy, I bet that's a wonderful form of birth-control. Just think about being stuck with one of those 24/7. OMG!

    Homebrew and sleep sound like the perfect anodyne. Enjoy!