Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have this favorite apron that I bought in Japan a few years ago. It just so happens to have a really nice shape, good pockets, and it has a kitty. Very important.
I wear my aprons a lot when I'm around the house, because when I'm on call (which is pretty much all the time) I have to have my phone on my person. Stuffing a fat smartphone in jeans is not so comfortable, and if I'm wearing pocketless skirts or dresses, forget it. Aprons are like instant pockets.
See how the cat fears my grimy hands? Poor kitty was getting pretty grungy, so I made another in the clone lab.
I copied the pattern from apron #1 and tried to use all the same construction, including nice details like a bias-taped hem. Unfortunately I forgot that about corduroy's nap, so some of the pieces have a different sheen than the others. Oh well - it may be a fancy apron, but it's still an apron.
The cat's on the other side now. All the stuff to make this - rusty red corduroy, matching rusty red cotton for the ties, bias tape, felt, embroidery thread - was all stuff I had lying around.
And then I went and busted up some concrete. The end.

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