Sunday, February 3, 2013

Laid in Los Feliz

How could they not be happy, living in a neighborhood called "The Happy"? I got a giant box of egg cartons on the internets, and am selling a couple dozen to friends each week. My egg money buys me a lunch or two and it feels good.

Someone found a stray chicken in the neighborhood and brought it to me, thinking it might be one of now I have 13 chickens. The other girls are beating her up, so she's hanging out with me while I work. Very sociable little chicken she is; she keeps sneaking up behind me then running away when I turn around.
I don't watch sports, but some part of me does wish I could be vegging out in front of a big screen with a giant plate of nachos and chicken wings (don't worry chickens, not anyone you know) and some good movies. Instead I'm dealing with this:
and trying not to think about this:
Los Angeles noise ordinance prohibits "construction noises" on Sundays, so I guess the rotary hammer will have to wait until tomorrow! I'm looking forward to having a little less concrete in my life.


  1. Eggs from happy chickens definitely taste better - and I bet your friends are happy to get them!

  2. Happy chickens balanced by plumbing nightmares. And what pretty eggs they are. too. Hope you had fun with the rotary hammer today.