Friday, October 28, 2011

Homemade Tortillas

Once you have tried these, flour tortillas from the store will taste like starchy napkins. This recipe makes a lot of tortillas, but in my house we manage to use them all up in a couple of days. You will need a good rolling pin for this. I got mine at an antique store and it is a burly piece of hardwood.

Flour Tortillas

4 cups all purpose flour
4 cups bread flour
2 tsp - 2 tbsp salt (adjust to your taste)
1 cup vegetable oil
3 cups water
Some extra flour for rolling

Mix all the ingredients together. The dough will still be a little sticky. Pinch off balls a little bigger than a golf ball, and roll it out dusting with as much flour as you need to keep it from sticking to the pin or the counter.

My mom always cooked these in two cast iron pans, assembly line style, so that's what I do. If you adjust the heat just right, the first tortilla will cook on one side in the amount of time it takes you to roll the next one. Flip it over in the second pan, and put the next tortilla in the first pan. Once you get the hang of the rolling, it goes very fast.

Let all the tortillas cool down for a while before you wrap them up, so that the steam won't make them soggy. I keep mine in a gallon size ziplock in the fridge, though they'd probably be fine on the counter. When you want to eat them, you can warm them up on a stovetop or in the microwave...but you have to eat at least one hot off the press with butter and cinnamon sugar. It's the rules.


  1. I love the rules! Should I put some oil in the pan before flinging in the tortilla? How long to cook?

  2. No oil in the pan - they just sort of float on the hot surface without sticking or anything.

    The first side needs to cook until you see several bubbles forming. On the second side, it is harder to tell, but it will take about the same amount of time.

    Let me know how they turn out!

  3. I love the old-fashioned tea kettle in these pictures.

  4. Thanks! We got that kettle for ourselves as an anniversary present years ago, and use it every day to heat water for coffee or tea. The simple things are the best.