Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hungry like a Wolf

We've been saving up our pennies and waiting for the day we could return our cheap gas stove to Craigslist and get a real stove. I wanted more burners and a bigger oven, and so we ended up with this ridiculous commercial-style beast. It's used, of course - we hardly ever buy new things, and why would you when well made things with no electronic parts last forever? I'm in love.

We're still ironing out some details - for one, the stove didn't fit through the door into the kitchen, so I had to knock down some trim to make it go. I haven't put that back together yet and it reminds me of those old commercials where the Kool Aid Man breaks through the wall. I'm still adjusting my cookwares and cooking times to compensate for the firepower, and I still need to get some oven racks so I can start baking...but it feels really satisfying to have something I use so much really, really work.


  1. There is NOTHING like having the right equipment for a job! Looking forward to many recipes and photos of awesome foods.

    And is that a painted frypan on the side of the cupboard?