Sunday, November 6, 2011

It Rains, It Pours

It is so wet out that I've been putting off chicken rounds all morning, hoping for a few dry minutes to grab eggs and throw out some scratch. On the plus side, the new chicken coop is staying dry inside, the girls seem happy, and I no longer have to slog through muck and chicken poop to gather eggs. We also haven't had any predator attacks since the Heneplex was built, and the peace of mind is fantastic.
The Heneplex holds my 16 (16! How do these things happen?) chickens very comfortably, and has all sorts of special opening doors to help me clean it and take care of them from all sides. It is really nice to not have to worry about locking them up at night when I'm out at a birth, though they do miss terrorizing the whole backyard.

I also have one bonus chicken in the house in I guess you could say I have really have 17 hens, but I'm not sure if she will make it. She's a stray rescue hen found in a Burbank backyard, and she seems to have a nasty respiratory thing going on. We're keeping her warm and well fed with some antibiotics, but other than that, we can just wish her luck and hope she can get better and enjoy the good life with all my other spoiled chickens.


  1. Sixteen chickens in a henplex. You never do ANYTHING by half-measures, do you? A local poultry fancier has built a coop in a defunct VW bus. But I think your henplex beats his all hollow. Wow!

  2. We tried to buy a house once that would have come with a defunct VW bus...and I'm sure it would have made a great coop!