Thursday, March 22, 2012


Last weekend we had plans to host a party for some friends on Saturday night, so the whole house got a top down (well, except for our bedroom, in the spirit of full disclosure) scrubbing. It hasn't been this clean in the entire time we have lived here. It wasn't even this clean when we moved in - the house was a grimy, funky trust sale. Having it so nice is inspirational; I'm no Martha, but I do like to be in a place that makes me happy rather than depressing me with mess and unfinished projects.

PS- In the spirit of further disclosure, all the unfinished projects are outside, and I still haven't fixed the trim on the kitchen door...

The party was good, too! What I remember of it, anyway. I was out at a birth all night the day before, got home at 4pm, and only slept a couple of hours before the party prep and party itself woke me up. It was all good, I just sort of floated through the scene in my stripey socks with a glass of punch. Did you know that jello wrestling is really, really messy? Fun though. Our friends were good about cleaning up after everything, so the house is magically returned to a pristine state (except for that kiddie pool full of jello that we haven't figured out what to do with).

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  1. No one else I know would have jello wrestling at their party - as a participation sport especially. How did you come up with enough Jello? Was it a potluck- everyone brought a shape? Will the sugar, gelatin and dye hurt the grass? Dump it out and hose it down?