Monday, March 26, 2012

There once was a girl

I'm expecting twins tonight, so I'm repacking my doula bag and getting ready for the phone call. Back when I was first starting to go to birth I carried a ton of stuff with me, but now my bag is mostly full of food with a couple of small massage tools. I barely use those, but somehow I can't leave them out, as if I wouldn't be a real doula without them. The most comforting thing I've ever whipped out of my bag was a nice cup of tea with honey...not that cheap Lipton the hospital was serving up, but a real tea.

Also, I gave myself a haircut. It's time to stop fighting and embrace the curls. Still long in the back, but with 100% more curly bangs in front, and a little shorter all around to clean up the scraggly ends and add bounce.
It's a little hard to get used to the curls tickling my forehead, but I like it. I've been cutting my own hair (or not cutting it, most of the time...) for ten years, figuring I couldn't screw it up nearly as badly as the supposed professionals did.

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  1. Hope the twins came in a timely manner. Who was first, the breech or the normal presentation? What a wonderful doula you must be. (I prefer massage with hands, not tools. Skin contact is so soothing!)

    You will totally ROCK that haircut!