Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Resume writing and e-book reading

I normally hate writing these things, but I've been working on mine all morning and decided to relax a bit and have some fun with it. You see, this time I'm writing a resume mostly for people who I've met at least in passing, and need to remind them who I am and why they want to work with me. Most resumes are so dry and formal...I had a job for a while where I had to do the first-pass screening on all the resumes that came in for job openings, and it really makes your eyes glaze over after a while.

What I've been reading that's a lot more fun is all kinds of cheap or free e-book content from Smashwords. Good times! Some of it is great writing and some is horrible, but that's the beauty of self-publishing, right?

Around the house, we're working on rebuilding the deck, and I finally got the tub of jello moved out of the playroom so that the pole dancing can begin again. It's a rough life we have around here. The chickens and rabbits are well - in fact, I added a third rabbit to the herd a while ago, but she's a little camera shy still.


  1. Resumes can be a lot of fun when the target audience already knows you. My last resume, which I typed up after already getting the job of helping start a new restaurant, included the goals of "ending the tyrannous reign of Sysco" and "continuing to be the baddest motherfucker that ever done did". I'll probably have to revise that one day, although it may stand out in a stack.

    Being somewhat new to your blog, I've been slightly puzzled by the passing references to jello wrestling and pole dancing. Is that how everybody lives in LA?

    1. Poledancing is pretty normal for's a great workout and fun. The jello wrestling might just be us.

  2. Summer is coming,so soon you can do your jello-wrestling in the yard and just hose down the grass before you go to bed.

    As an author, I gotta say that indie publishing is wonderfully exciting and a total crapshoot. But with e-books, it's not like you have invested the rent money if you don't like a book. People can AFFORD e-books, and no trees have to die.

    Did the rabbits leave you any Easter eggs?