Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Even though I have more chickens than I need already, I'm seriously tempted to take a little drive and pick up a couple of cuckoo marans chicks. Those chocolatey eggs are so cool. I need a bale of straw anyway...nevermind, the local shop won't have them until Wednesday. Possibly I will have come to my senses by then.

Over the last couple of weeks, it started to become clear that the area of the yard where I had put the rabbits was not going to work out. That corner used to be shaded all the time, but this winter I cut the ornamental cherry and lemon trees way back (trying to bring the lemons back down to my reach - they were previously banging on the second story window). On the plus side, more sunny space for growing things, at least for a year or two until the lemon tree fills back out.

The buns were over here:
Now they are over here, under the eternal shade of the huge-ass avocado tree.
I'm not that happy with how they look, being all mismatched. That might seem a little fussy given the general state of funkiness around the property, but I'm trying to make things prettier. Next time I have some spare money I'd like to build a proper row of hutches, mounted against the back wall up higher, then sell all three of these on Craigslist. Come to think of it, that project might pay for itself. Where the rabbits used to be, I'm going to build up a raised bed with some of the wood that I have lying around, and fill it up with all that compost I had to move to make room for the rabbits...that way I clear up a junk pile, save something from the landfill, and improve the garden all at once! Super-win! Now I just need to decide what sort of part-sun nitrogen-fixing crop would be happy in that spot, any suggestions?

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