Friday, April 27, 2012

Site plans

I was at a really, really long birth, 3 days long! Holy crap. Births like that really derail everything else for a while, and I'm still tired and groggy. Mama and Babe are fine now, and resting up. This is what I was working on before all that started happening... Making garden plans is so much more fun than actually shoveling dirt...

I had to draw up an accurate site plan for the property for the permitting office so that we can install the spa (that I am so eager to soak my gardening-weary self in). Since our house was originally built in 1923, when apparently all you needed to get a building permit in LA was to scribble your intent on a cocktail napkin (and maybe slip the guy behind the counter some bootleg gin), even the city records people didn't have a site plan. Weird, since the house was heavily modified in the 50s and again in the 80s, with permits but no site drawings. Anyway, I got to crawl around and measure a bunch of stuff. Good times.

The house and driveway take up most of the space, so I have to use the backyard wisely. Most of it is too shady for vegetables, so the chickens and rabbits live there. Our sunniest, most open area is the driveway, so we have a bunch of plants in containers there.

The long-term goal is rooftop gardening - we have a lot of beautiful flat roof, just sitting there doing nothing right now...but some infrastructure work is required before we can make that happen.

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