Monday, February 13, 2012

As it happened...

I didn't even get to begin the reign of plumbing terror. When I went out to buy the blade, I remembered that I had to pick up some chick starter (finely ground feed for babies, sounds like a pickup line) and should probably get the chicks better situated in case I was in for another 48 hour labor.

By the time I was finished turning the grow pen into a sort of stage-2 brooder, the mama was calling me to come. She and her partner worked beautifully together, and it turned out to be one of the most relaxed and fun births I have been to in a while! Baby H was born at 1:17am, en-caul.

Today's soundtrack for a cloudy day:

It may rain outside, but hopefully after today, no more raining in the crawlspace!


  1. "en-caul?"Please explain. Isn't it lucky to be born with a caul?

  2. To be born in the caul means that the amniotic sac is still covering the baby's face when he is born - usually for humans, the sac tears and is left attached to the placenta. It is quite rare, so I feel very lucky to have seen one.

    Depending on the tradition, babies born in the caul are supposed to have second sight or other special powers, and to be protected from drowning.