Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Around the hood

I love going for walks in my neighborhood.

Man with ghetto blaster: Excuse me, do you think maybe we could get coffee together sometime? You're so pretty.

Me (in work boots, hoodie, and jeans): No thank you, I'm married.

Man with ghetto blaster: Okay, got a spare cigarette?

New laces for old boots:

And the tiniest egg ever, at an impressive 30g. Not sure which hen that came from, but I sure hope they get bigger, since we don't have any half-sized people around here to cook breakfast for.


  1. Well, the chickens just need to get warmed up.

    You can tell spring is in the air. The bums hit on you before they spare-change you. "Hey baby, wanna party? No, well can ya spare a quarter?"

  2. I know what you mean! I love living on my block, reminds me that there are at least 4 nationalities that would prefer a woman with some chunk :)