Monday, February 27, 2012

Cloudy with a chance of avocados

Whenever the wind blows here, all you can hear is the thumping sound of avocados pelting the house. These Fuerte avocados are heavy and they come down hard! One hit me in the shoulder while I was working, and it was like being pelted with a softball.

There are so many more fruits than we can eat. I never thought I would be so rich in avocados that I wouldn't bother to pick them all up off the ground, but there you have it. Plus, we're out of chips.

Saturday night we went out dancing at Ruin, then I got up early (well, before 10am)to hike to the Observatory. You might know the Observatory from that last awful Terminator movie...
It's where I would hide out if the city were overrun by zombies or killer machines or rednecks or whatever. That's why I have to keep running up that hill, so that I'll be able to do it quickly when needed. Not that there's anything wrong with rednecks, of course. I'm half redneck myself.

I'm gearing up to spend a few days in New Orleans, and just in time since a bit of winter seems to have blown into town. You can tell because people have to wear shirts with sleeves to keep out the bitter cold. The chickens get very indignant when the wind ruffles their petticoats.

Time to stretch my sore little legs and get a couple of miles in before my next appointment! May your day be full of adventure, and may falling fruit land on your plate, not on your head.

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  1. OMG- don't you have friends who would come and glean? God knows I would! Free avocados raining down? Paradise!