Friday, February 3, 2012

Idiocracy and the Animal Farm

Last night we watched Idiocracy, lying on the floor with the movie projected on the grand room ceiling. The cats were very enthusiastic about this entertainment. Silly, but fun.

In the corner of the backyard I like to think of as the Animal Farm, some animals are definitely more equal than others. Like these girls, who wish I would stop taking pictures and give them their damn scratch already.
I want to add a couple of rabbits to the scene, because bunnies are cute (and tasty) and rabbit poo is great for the garden. Chicken manure is really hot, so it has to be aged for a while before you can put it on plants. Before I brought home any bunnies, I had to have a place to keep them, and I wanted to do it while spending as little money as possible.
The hutch on the right was a Craigslist freebie. It needed a lot of work, but nothing I couldn't fix. On the left, a hutch built out of wood and materials I had lying around. I'd like to have one more, but the gods of free stuff haven't coughed that up for me.
Last but not least, I needed a grow pen - for young chickens who are out of the brooder but not big enough to join the big girls, or for young rabbits if I decide to breed them. This pen was made all out of leftovers from other projects and salvaged hardware, though I may have to break down and buy a little more hardware cloth to finish it.
Window restoration is proceeding, sloooooooooooooooooooowly. I am thoroughly sick of painting window frames already, and I only have about 3 dozen more windows to go!

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  1. Watching a movie on the ceiling? Sounds wonderful. Except, I would wind up with popcorn in my hair.

    You are construction demon, are you not? Coops and poopers and brooders and whatnot. YOu totally rock. Wish I had half your energy!

    Window frames will be done. Just keep painting. Just keep painting.